how to find a lover

The portent outside Bell’s glass is reflected here in the doorway–
where the welcome mat is soiled glum grey
Dead leaves mimic the worn out bar’s foot traffic–
they blow in lost but looking
There is a staleness to the light that no one seems to notice
But me
I’m either special or nor drunk enough
“…you’re just too good to be true…”
Background mocks everyone in the damn place
The only thing too good to be true–
matching Powerball numbers or getting free refills
I opt for the latter
They tell me the kind of money that frees you from worries–
never alters the conversation an earthworm might whisper into your blue ear
Pour me another and double the double
The barmaid’s hair shines like the missing sun
My hair lost its luster when I lost other things
Three stools over, a shapely glass hits the mahogany
I’m watching cream liqueur swirl into a “Lady Luck”
I might just be observing someone who is worse off than me
I don’t need luck
I need a break
Don’t you, I mean when does the shit part end and the good crap start hitting the fan
That’s all I’m waiting for
Nothing too complicated
Like pouring a drink, or two, or three
I hear someone chatting up, Billy Eckstine
Maybe this poor soul is more lost in time than me
Well, something has just cheered me up, inexplicably so
There on the wall–
a seascape, its lighthouse back-illuminated, and I see him–
he’s behind the window–
a dark, handsome man wearing a sea captain’s hat
He’s waving to me
Finally, someone I can talk to who will listen

five cent pump pencil

five cent pump pencil



10 thoughts on “how to find a lover

  1. Another ‘beaut, AM.
    You know, I’ve read this several times
    And each time I see something new &
    Extraordinary in the lines, but
    My favorite line, the one for me that
    Is pivotal and contains the nugget of
    Is: “My hair lost its luster when I lost other things.”
    I know that may be strange
    But that line radiates the whole allure
    Of the poem, and without it I can’t imagine
    This poem.
    Anyhoo, another weird woowoo connection:
    A story I’m working on involves Powerball
    And I’ve been researching it of late.
    This is another sendable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ‘luckily’ for me there is a lovely drink called the “Lady Luck”
      It is interesting for me to write like I’m painting – in layers – in the hopes of achieving more depth. And yes, I believe when you have to work harder for something, the reward is more intimately appreciated
      thank you for your kind thoughts here


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