anthropomorphic animals

four legs four legs on the ground
untainted smooth
inertia bound

there it hides
its hiding there
safe from them
there is nowhere
go stop run
run stop go
from flesh, that flesh
that’s white as snow

must cut away her utility…

when it goes
where it stops
gets trampled underfoot
route unnamed
smudged by earth
man’s untimely soot

must appreciate his underbelly…

polluted vagaries
nest, pack, herd,
colony, turmoil
gaggled words
the silent sound
tribe, cackle, richness
boom band bound

must reexamine my duel motives…

pride and mob, school and pod
pride and school emergent mob
efforting while in sexual season
sucking up to tainted treason

dissonance parleys the uninformed
murdered the goddamn unicorns
call and alarm all shadows here
their fur hides hide our naked fear
no more, no more, I beg no more
uncork the apple from the boar
knocking, crippling, maturing hell
alarm a shadow, crack the bell

oh, Theodor please help me…

up it stands
on his hands
she be down
on the ground
all replete
on 2 feet
no longer
they are walking
no more
they are talking
when it goes
where it stops
no one knows
oh, but I do

polluted hearts
dirty forms
chatting animals
form the norm

it is never too late, darling…

four legs four legs on the ground
only two now make a sound
earth burnt souls melt in the fold
low bones whisper words foretold…

I couldn’t admit how I adored you
my dead heart must now implore you
so simple back then, my oh my
my Theodor’s eyes in absentia cry
skull-homageI generally don’t attempt rhyme but something grabbed hold of me this morning (perhaps a sprite from last night😉), Animal Farm on the brain while reading youngster Rimbaud’s pain (I admit sadly for the first time)…


6 thoughts on “anthropomorphic animals

  1. Okay, I’m gonna do something here I rarely (if ever) have done – I like this poem very much, a language poem (experimental) to be sure – but I’m going to comment on the art: It’s fucking terrific. New? Old? This is one of those pieces I could stare at for long periods. Why don’t you do more of this?

    And gotta say one thing about Rimbaud: Many writers wet themselves over the French, the Beats, Ginsburg, Bukowski, et al. I’ve never really gravitated to them because their ethereal or earthy angst doesn’t really speak to me. Also, over the years I’ve begun to lean toward reading more women writers and outsiders simply because the canon and too many male writers tend to deify their own. But you’ll have to tell me what you get from Rambo and the guys – maybe I’m missing something. 😉


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    • Thank you, DS
      We’ve chatted about this
      And the art old, real old – I can’t even remember the last time I played with watercolours –
      Perhaps, since I appear to be in the throws of creative experimentation – I shall squeeze those little tubes again
      Inspired, reading Smith’s journey – I’m tasting different writers – now in the beat, beat phase – and the men seem to have the published upper hand (what the heck)

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re sounding very British to me here, AM (“watercolours,” “shall”), LOL. Men have always had the upper hand. You need to check out VIDA’s annual stats to see that it continues to this day. Alas, publishing is not much different from anything else.

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