my little Matryoshka

Concerned with fashionably balanced items on bookshelves–
I thoughtlessly placed her long ago
To this day, she squats, eyes forward, harboring no ill will
Most of my shelved tomes have sat so long, their spines have rusted–
But, eight horse-sized literature anthologies have seen action
Their bulked-up spines are careworn and wrinkled
As part of the publishing team who created them, I’ve perused them plenty
Two houses ago, I held an authentic job–
accompanied by a generous paycheck and a me, me, me business card
When child number one entered into my, my, my world, I exited Prentice Hall
Since then, Springsteen’s Glory Days, endlessly loops in my ears
This might explain my current cruelty to Matryoshkas
Depending on the day, the time and the spider muses in my studio–
my temperament shifts

This morning, I’ve not yet descended into my she-shack, where all creative things happen or nothing at all–
I’m still sipping coffee in my kitchen, facing the ‘family room,’ and the mantel with its bookended bookshelves
Colored spines form up-ended brick paths to limitless rabbit holes
The antique nesting doll guards a Time Life series covered in 70’s drab
The decorative mirror resting behind her bulbous form, lends a reflective quality to the warm palette
You can’t see the dust. I can. The shelves have remained undisturbed for awhile
I never considered little Matryoshka’s thoughts when I exiled her to shelf Siberia
Not a single heart-string of mine tugged for her redundant life–a nonstop amalgam of herself
As I write this, I’m thinking about Matryoshka–
her delicate flower patterns and the firm twist one must apply to reveal her abundance
Perhaps, I am jealous of my little Matryoshka
She knows who she is, inside and out
bookshelvesshot of my family room taken this morning, portrait hanging over mantel was painted 2 years ago, if you look closely at the upper right, top bookshelf you can see little Matryoshka


8 thoughts on “my little Matryoshka

  1. You know, AM, the voice in this post is so Rosellian, so distinctive, so confident and casual. You handle the language like no one else I know. And you write about subjects so tenderly and true that it’s so fun to read and see what you’ll do to make them your own. I’m learning a great lesson here from you in your anthropomorphizing of the Matryoshka doll. I would so like to do something like this myself – anthropomorphize objects. When we talk next you will have to tell me your secret. 🙂 This is excellent. DS

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  2. Beautiful room AnnMarie. Good news on the mend blood sugars down under 200 no insulin for me. Flu is mostly gone. Wrote 9 chapters more of my book ‘It’ its my version of Stephen King’s classic. My version lived up so far to King’s scared the hell out of Julia. So I am doing my job well. Hope you had a lovely day my lovely AnnMarie friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dan,
      thank you and glad to read you’re feeling better and managing up – through a down health period
      you are quite prolific in your creating, young man
      keep up the good, creative work!

      Liked by 1 person

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