boiling bedroom thoughts

My body sweats like a cornered animal–
one in full knowledge of its doom.
Are you mocking me from up there?
Maybe you know, I’m not supposed to be here anymore.
There is a need to escape.
Cross the land bridge before it sinks into oblivion–
like the cornered animal with its inedible bones.
Nothing of value produced, save a pair of usable offspring, one must not appear completely heartless.
I do thank you for calming me this evening.
The wine bottle has poured dry and empty.
Closets are bulging at the seams with meaningless feathers.
The single-bulb, reading lamp is casting shadows longer than my pen.
Whatever my scrawl is this time of night, it is difficult to interpret.
And you, up there mocking me–
allowing me to fantasize over hope and comfort and dreams.
In denial you are, the sureness of a life’s work–
round and round and dumbly satisfied.
Well, how does this move you;
Your starburst shadow against the ceiling, long and lean–spinning, always spinning–
begs for mercy and a final escape it will never realize.

baby mask

baby mask


5 thoughts on “boiling bedroom thoughts

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. I liked that old school photo of you from back in the day same gorgeous AnnMarie. I am doing some real cool book paying homage to a character and her cat in a little known horror film ‘The Uncanny’ 1977 starring Peter Cushing. The little girl Lucy and her cat Wellington appear in ‘It’ coming up. King’s ‘It’ was 1172 pages mine won’t be that long but longer than normal as the story of ‘It’ is a writer’s dream a lot of creative things you can do with the clown and the story and the characters in it are very colorful and diverse. It’s pretty cool. We need more ‘Love of the monster’! I got Monster fever! The cure read the book!

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  2. This one seems so different to me — honestly, I’m not sure what to say. The writing is great, as per usual, and the sweating thing, I get that, I surely do. In many ways, this is utterly intriguing and leaves me with questions that I don’t necessarily need to have answered. I’m thinking about this one, thinking it, too, is sendable. 🙂

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