a cause

there is no right place for me to rest these weary bones
you have not the strength to support us both
too much time wasted on indecision
domestic odds
often in your favor
the satisfaction I need
the want I must satisfy
is to be found in a cause
I’ve not yet a name for


10 thoughts on “a cause

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I am excited after I finish my book ‘It’ I am moving to do a 3 part book series ‘Friday The 13th’ with no camp or Jason just a great horror slasher with a great story. I already know what characters will be what books and how the first book ends and a way to guarantee the 2nd will be just as good as the 1st. Very prolific indeed will make for a fun Spring and Summer. I got out on a walk tonight cold but good exercise stretch my legs. Will be fun getting back to work on ‘It’ the exciting part is the final act. So far its lived up to Stephen King’s you would appreciate how many different monsters the clown transforms into. The clown is a scary monster first and all the others yikes scary good.AnnMarie=Number One! Hope you had a lovely day my beautiful friend!

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