hitting bottom on my second glass of wine
hearing laser sharp, vision glazing
crumpled paper menu and sleuthing pen
seated at table
situated near bar
and men wearing baseball caps

…like she’s
she’s a wanderer
always wants to walk back to Florida
…like a two year old
yea, my mom went through that
got her in a place now
thought she was back in high school
said she was prom queen
that’s when we knew
twilight years
God bless ’em, when you can keep ’em
better sometimes forgettin’
don’t wanna remember mine
maybe we’ll see grandma dancin’ on a pole
she did think she was prom queen

oatmeal walls



16 thoughts on “eavesdropping

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Amazing news I met with my DMH case worker he moved my housing wait from 5 to 8 years to putting me with elderly housing which means I’ll have my own place in two years. It will help so much to be out of my house and this is the right time to start working on learning to take care of myself with life after my parents. They also give me services having nurse come to make sure I take my meds too. I got approved for all the services. Moving forward things look great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you, Dan
      hey, how wonderful for you-you are such an inspiration-never giving up-always staying positive-and despite the ups and downs-you always manage to keep creating-amazing, my friend!
      happy weekend

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks so much AnnMarie. Big snowstorm on the day I get my insulin demonstration hoping they don’t cancel. Finishing up my book ‘It’ looking at the weakness of the book I was able to fix it I got some skills and creatively came up with something great and a strong finish to a great horror book. You have a great weekend too. You are an inspiration too best selling writer beautifulest woman in the world inside and out. My greatest friend ever. Such a good friend.

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  2. Ah, all true writers are eavesdroppers – and you, my friend, are a writer to be reckoned with. This is beautiful, AM, not just for its reportage, but for its lyrical insight, capturing a slice of life we can all understand because you, the writer, had her eyes open, were listening to life, had her finger on its pulse. “Always stay open for business” – that’s what I was told – you did and it paid off as gorgeous art.

    Liked by 1 person

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