living in these walls

Upstairs, in the furthest corner of the house–in a bedroom larger than it has the right to be–the walls are slathered in lullaby-warm, dusky peach.
The winter blanket I sleep beneath matches this room perfectly.
On the far side of the room, an antique reading lamp casts a mellow ochre light beneath its hat of threadbare tassels.
Late at night, in the silence of a tired soul, I tuck below awaiting the fantasy of summer warmth.
My body slides from twitching toes to sweating skull cap, then I melt into the walls.
I am lullaby-warm, dusky peach.
It is here I unabashedly linger between chalk sheetrock and stunted two-by-fours.
I know well the reason I place my heart within this breathless structure.
The awareness of my soul painted into the latex is my acknowledgement of one simple truth:
Living in these walls is the only way I will ever provide shelter for my children.

Max and Caroline


8 thoughts on “living in these walls

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie quite a snowstorm we got over here. Just trying to balance writing with relaxing and watching horror movies. My diet is better. I ate a healthy dinner tonight. When you are less stressed that will do it. A lot of people like my last horror book and I am making this one different than the last one. The difference more suspense and atmosphere try to use less characters. I think organically this book is telling me where to go and what to do with the characters. There is a lot of potential there with a few of the main characters you can do a spin off based on their characters works well when you are planing a series of 3 books. The writing really good for my health and reduces stress. Like you say you really get ‘engaged’ in it. When you have got a great story on your hands it’s a writer’s dream.

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    • thanks, Dan
      I know the snow is a bit outrageous – reminds me of when I was a kid in Buffalo, NY and the snow would be higher up than our little winter hats😊
      yes, less characters is sometimes better-I for one happen to be one of those who often gets lost when there are too many names – the atmosphere can be a character all her own as the suspense is an emotional being
      keep it up, my friend
      you are building a treasure of personal anthologies!

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  2. Your Like just popped up as I sit here in icy Boston, candles glowing since 6 AM when it was dark — sunshine now. Have not gone to my Reader in soooo long….waaay too long. And it appears to have changed in how the comment box pops up. I’m commenting on “living in these walls” although more posts from other people are appearing here so hope you get this?
    LOVE the details in this piece. Especially “slathered in lullaby-warm, dusky peach” and “antique reading lamp casts a mellow ochre light beneath its hat of threadbare tassels.” I’m right there with you. Beautiful art as always, AM.
    It’s been too long. Life just gets away from me. Travels, tons of knitting, an online course, writing. Hoping all is well with you my friend……..I’ll never forget the very early words of encouragement you gave me in the very beginning days of my blog.
    Your daughter must be coming to the end of her first year at UNH? You’ll have a full house again for the summer? Sending warm greetings from Boston!

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    • Oh, Lillian
      I’m glad to know someone who is not WPing all the time – makes my heart sing!
      I am pushing pushing with the writing and art – so much I must learn – I feel so very far behind the curve of experienced and learned writers…
      I went to my first poetry reading (did not participate) but observed – all very enlightening.
      I’m so glad you are well.
      Your words, are always so very elegant and lovely…
      I too, am behind in so much reading.
      My dear daughter will be switching schools…next year-going into environmental science and looking for a campus less “isolated”
      though, I’d give anything to be a student at gorgeous UNH!
      we still must try for coffee
      I have not given up –
      I do hope all is well with you and your beautiful family


  3. Ah, simply gorgeous, my friend. Here, too, more of what I was talking about [em]. The painterly descriptions, the lyrical movement as the body/soul becomes the structure/walls, and that knockout, breathtaking last line that sets this piece asail–it’s all here, pure Rosellian masterwork. DS

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