winter’s wilding

Out there echoes the brokeness of my situation.
It crashes the house oblivious to the shattering person inside.
The trees how they yield for mercy, begging to be spared.
Helpless are we to save them.
As he was to salvage me.
Agitated currents force unrest below the stones.
Invisible fists lay waste to my sweet plastic pots for spring planting.
The nascent air–bitter instigator of material tears–shoves and pushes into massive tantrums.

Not here.
Thank God, as I can’t take anymore breaking.
Inside, my squatting flesh reverberates with leftover aches.
Old blunders once a spiral of mad air.
Winter’s wilding beyond the anchor of a little brown desk.
Where his feet once rested on my knees.

swirl skating


7 thoughts on “winter’s wilding

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Today my friend Kaybe who was the female ‘It’ Pennywise in my book said she was honored I picked her to be Pennywise and she will tell her kids one day she got to be Pennywise. That was sweet of her. I am sweating bombs. I got to put the gluten free brownies away. I am having a party tomorrow St Paddys day getting drunk off 24 sugar free Powerades and having some lovely Dunkins coffee to start the day with gluten free brownies. AnnMarie us Irish people are simple proud people we have a way of doing things around here like honoring women on St Paddys Day and I wrote you a song ‘AnnMarie Everlasting’ the link is here I hope you enjoy! I thought of you and figured that would make the holiday more special for you! T-minus 2 hrs. AnnMarie=Number One!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you, Dan
      hope you enjoyed the celebrations
      your friends are all very lucky that they have such a creative and thoughtful friend in their human collage
      and I thank you for your generous creativity as always – you are a sweet soul – and you do make days special for many with your kindness

      Liked by 1 person

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