do you (think you) know me

do you (think you) know me
inside my words
on top of my art
are your elbows leaning at your side(s) as you read along
do they comfort you
your elbows, not my word(s)
not my art
maybe you’re only getting to know me
if you don’t know me, (I dislike math)
these thing(s) xx2f (art+writing) are no source of comfort
rather(!) representational of all I don’t know

I do know–if we lived closer
we might be (great) friends

I am told I smile most of the time

when I write dark(ly)
or when I write in darkness
(lights are sleeping. I’m not)
I grin
like mad grimacing
once long long ago in a generous glass grocery store window of epic proportions I spied my reflection she was smiling. I wasn’t happy

I want you to be comfortable
inside my words
on top of my art
with your elbows at your side(s)
and tell me something
about yourself
I might even get to know what it is I don’t know
about myself

PS (person singing)
when we meet on that special day
in that secret place (where I wait for you)
we will smile at one another
I stop looking in a generous glass grocery store window of epic proportions to see another smiling face
my personal shopper

6 thoughts on “do you (think you) know me

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie hope your weekend is going lovely. I enjoyed a well earned burger today from the 99. I wrote 3 chapters of my book today with some real cool parts. I am not banging out 9 chapters a day but a slow build is working as I am about at the final act. Talking to some friends today. Kadeem and Zev I reconnected with. and had good talks. Talked to my dad about the book. What I got out of it is to enjoy the experience on this book being special. My dad was curious of what made me think of my old friend from 15 years ago. I told him I had history and memories of good times with him. Plus putting an old face in my book and making it new again is good its like Taratino bringing people back who havent had a role in years for a comeback. There will be a small number of people that will read Matt is in this and not read the book and just bring life to good memories of him and childhood.

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  2. Funny, but this is sort of what my essay
    (that I was talking about)
    touches on
    [although more from a cyberspace/online perspective].
    I suppose we can never really know another person,
    not really,
    but I imagine we all try at different points in our lives to do so.
    Interestingly, I’ve recently learned that Proust,
    that master thinker,
    believed that otherness
    is what constitutes
    the allure
    of wanting to know another person.
    I guess that makes sense.
    Hell, when you get right down to it,
    I don’t even think I know myself.
    Which is probably why I write.

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    • “otherness” I like this word
      it all makes great sense in the illogical-nonsensical human mind😊
      intersection of meeting happens on lumpy ground, flat screens and dark bars
      how can we possibly ever claim to know others anyway, when we so rarely know ourselves – and that’s it I think – trying to know ourselves through the odds and ends of “otherness”
      cool information
      I thank you, DS

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