If I should be

If I should be a smoker
I should be a rail
thin and hard
evenly spaced
biting air with my crocodile teeth
resilient to the storm
when you hold tight to me

but I am not a smoker

If I should be a drinker
I should be a laundry basket
oblong and woven
uneven and crosshatched
with soft rhythms
conducting washer and dryer
yet deep enough to hold our secrets

but I am not a drinker

If I should be an addict
I should be a window curtain
billowed and looped
iridescent colors against atmosphere
floating in the updraft
into the west winds
where our bodies might mingle together

but I am not an addict

If I should be a cutter
I should be a jewelry box
sectioned, parceled and organized
velvet lined and sweet
compartmentally selfless
storing each pained memory
in gilded lockets clutching tarnished chains

but I am not a cutter

If I should be a writer
I should be an ash urn
cylindered smooth
bottom cupped
shell polished and etched
holding safe all that we were
scattering soon our cremated remnants

but I am not a writer

mint eyes


20 thoughts on “If I should be

  1. Beautiful Work AnnMarie. I saw ‘Get Out’ today scary horror movie. Reading fairy tales. Watching The Celtics. I may order some takeout. I feel very excited about taking a break from horror. Write some fun light hearted stories. AnnMarie stories, cute stories. Yum pizza might be good. Hope you had a awesome warm filled night. I tell all my friends you are the greatest author ever and share your picture along with the picture of the book so they see ‘beautiful book’ and ‘Beautiful AnnMarie’! I think I may have gotten you some new readers.Woo hoo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you, Dan
      you are most definitely too sweet and I appreciate all you do for an old gal and her monsters 😊
      it’s nice to switch gears from one genre to another – sometimes when you return your ideas resharpen like werewolf teeth
      hope you’re feeling well this eve

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have 1 word for you re: that last line …
    Take Drugs
    Cut Yourself
    Drink …

    Liked by 1 person

    • there’s that word again – that’s two times in one day for you, DS πŸ˜‰
      wine drinking doesn’t count if you’re Italian – goes with the mealπŸ˜‰
      thank you


      • Okay, so here’s what happened … and I wasn’t drinking wine (although I am now, so watch out) …

        I wrote the one response on my cell phone and then went to post and I had to log in to WP and of course I couldn’t remember the fuckin’ password (and still can’t) so I thought my comment wasn’t accepted. Then I got home and re-entered on my iPad, and hence: 2 posts, same message.

        But at least I’ll say this: I would say “bullshi” to that last time as many times as you posted it and didn’t believe it. “Belief,” that’s key. Something tells me Baldessari would say the same ((just sayin’)). πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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