in the blueless

back and forth back and forth back and forth
splattering rain, this redundancy of motion
the last hopeful sky un-recalled
this bleak morning, too early for the sun
a thousand immolating balls can’t bring warmth to this day
God is false hope manufactured by bible companies
angels are myths playing dress-up for lingerie chains
a broken deer on the side of the road
wonder if she knew
from the looks of her cracked torso, I doubt it
some car folded her body like a dollar store blanket
the lifeless trees are no better than emaciated throats and fingers
nothing for them to swallow
nothing to grab onto
nothing for me
nothing for us
they will remain naked
I remember you, inside me
moonlight and indigo lovemaking
tick tock tick tock tick tock
blinker irritating
another road, same lousy scenery
silver lining lately on a bottle of red and designer label
paying a bit more than usual for spirits, cheer costs
this blueless is overwhelming
the radio melodies on
gently at first
she floats into my interior dystopia
Sarah Vaughan’s nuanced soul
and I know, I will believe in angels again

leonada’s earring



11 thoughts on “in the blueless

    • Oh, John
      I even still believe in Santa Clause😉
      My friend, I’m not an atheist or ignostic even – I am a writer though –
      when I write, I’m many different people, at many different points, on many different roads…
      I love the big white kitchen in the sky and I hope I get there someday😊

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  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Saw my pdoc tonight we are going to see how the insulin works on wed and if the sugars are still bad we have other options to move to other meds to help sleep but I think the insulin will do the trick. I had been smoking a few packs of cigarettes to deal with the stress of the high sugars. My pdoc told me to quit and smoking is very bad for diabetes. It does the same damage diabetes does. I told him I could quit easily which I did tossed them in the trash in the bathroom he said he would increase anxiety meds to deal with the stress instead of smoking. So I’ll just tell him next time if a tough situation like that comes up where I am smoking to deal with the stress. Meds instead of putting poison in your body is better.

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  2. “Nothing to grab onto” – yet you’ve grabbed onto a persona who seems to find herself in a seemingly loveless (or less-loved) marriage, and you’ve carried the feeling/emotion throughout in such a successful, and surprising way here. I love that “blueless” – in fact, it seems, now that I think of it, as though this is a poem about “less”-es … and yet, as we all know, “less is more” and this poem provides plenty of artistic turns of phrases, word-working. I also love the “back and forth”ness of this poem, its movement. Quite amazing, AM.

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