toilet paper gown

A toilet paper gown has outlasted this fondant fairytale
Our dark lies gessoed white on white
Look at me leaping into a downpour
I’ve grown so very tired of ikea domesticity and Wayfair lighting–
dressage for mules in horse harness
These tissue sheaths spontaneously combusting, quiver my body
You once did this for me, do you even remember,
flesh-dancing with a blue fire no ocean could smother
I’ve become a zombie waltzing in a deluge
You and I suffocated in Egyptian cotton well before this pulp symbolism
Now my white paper gown disintegrates, I pray to the black prescient sky
Look up, nimbus clouds hide nothing-they never deceive
Dearest Love,
We doomed ourselves to this Pompeii,
the moment we under-appreciated the dark sky and caressed our monogrammed bath towels

13 thoughts on “toilet paper gown

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Thanks for the encouragement to quit smoking. It’s easy for me to quit when I have special circumstances like back in late October I was smoking a few packs before I quit got it out of my system and went to inpatient got my meds changed and was sleeping and never smoked after that until this past weekend quit monday when I told pdoc. But when your sugars are not that high and you are in a toxic environment its easy to not pay attention to the people trying to add more stress to your life but when you are that sick people shouldn’t bother you. I ask people for space and to them that means invade my personal space. That is why getting out to the movies and places helped. With that said I’ve done better with my sugars 202 and 176. I can’t starve myself so maybe another bowl of red beans and veggies. Hope pdoc calls back today

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    • Thanks, Dan
      I can’t imagine all the forces trying to push at your bubble – when you need peace – the best defense is a writing offense
      keep focused on all that is good – like your prolific creativity
      be well
      do not smoke!

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      • AnnMarie just got out of the hospital 15 day inpatient. I did what I had to do I am sleeping my sugars are good. They got me on a med that doesnt have side effects that makes me sleep. Happy to be home. I wrote about you and told my people in there about you. AnnMarie lol even promoting your book in the mental hospital.

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      • glad you’re doing well – so very sorry you had to visit the hospital –
        I hope you’ve doing okay since the visit and all meds are cooperating
        have a beautiful day, Dan
        enjoy the sunshine!

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  2. I like the interweaving of old and new here, AM … or maybe I should say, the temporary and the permanent (toilet paper vs. Egyptian cotton). Anyway, the angst and remorse are thick in these lines, and you are a great actress projecting (personifying) these emotions via a cool, descriptive pen.

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    • thanks, DS
      I had a toilet paper gown in my head – believe it or not from watching Frasier late the other night
      I thought it would make for interesting word imagery if I could pull it off


  3. Reading your blog has helped me find my voice in things i want to say. I woke up today i said My life is a spark from a welders torch Dont have more than that but it got me thinking Thank you Sent from my iPhone


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