Deep inside the crocodile’s dank maw,
we hid our treasure, a currency to happiness–our recompense
A thick-legged serpent with its murder’s row of razor sharp stalacites,
was to keep all predators away
We tossed paper after paper into that steel creature
Spent a lifetime saving gold to travel around the Horn of Africa
Oh, the promises sworn upon our sweating bed
witnessed from above, by a blood red moon
We were to journey by tall sail and broad sea
A pair of golden, umber eyes just below the surface followed our wake
When her reptilian curves broke the wet plain, she leaped on top
The tribal shield slid away from your body
We were to journey by sunfish sail and night sea,
but we drowned in the murky fathoms
While I was dreaming of observing crocodiles in their native habitat,
you turned into a cold-blooded reptile
I am taking what is mine, regardless of your crocodile tears,
as soon as my trembling fingers can punch the Barska keypad code



8 thoughts on “Barska

  1. Shit, man. This has everything scrumptious: “dank maw” (you do like that word “maw”), “razor sharp stalactites,” “sweating bed,” “blood red moon,” “tall sail and broad sea” … and I could go on. The word-workerie of this poem is delightful, it’s fucking fun to read, and it tells a tale (tail?) and there’s a real sting at the end, which I love, AND … you made me have to look up the word “Barska,” for which I will be forever grateful. Dammit, AM, this is good stuff. If you don’t send this one out, and now, pronto, today, asap, well, all I can say is you must. Send, send now. #DS

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol – I had to define “maw” for my brilliant mom who maintains an extensive dictionary in her head
      thank you, DS
      geez, I wasn’t overly crazy about this piece – I felt it was a bit too much like the previous piece in compare/contrast mode

      Liked by 1 person

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