latent images

You press my eyelashes to my face, so I can sleep
You understand how latent images frighten me
Linger-ers of things no longer here
Specters of visions previously forgotten
My REM world has no room for ghosts,
when my daily world explodes with spiriting insanity
The floating muses who once fed me fire are burning away my soul
Half the time, I want to die
The other half, I need you
You hum my favorite song to me, even though you think a tune from,
Mr. Magoo’s: A Christmas Carol, is ridiculous
“…millions of grains of sand on the shore, why such a lonely beach…”
Taunting demons keep the headless roosters raving in my head
I badly need your sweet notes, like cotton clouds, to muffle these assaults

There is an empty slope on your side of the mattress
I smell your assuring body in the pillows–
beautiful lips in the sheets
Your undisturbed water glass has collected my tears
Singing silence, is a sound worse than death
Death, is a sound the earth hums when her children return home
I’ve sliced off my eyelashes
Shoved broken toothpicks against my sockets
Stare at the television without blinking
Click the remote
Latent creatures slither into my eyes
Crawl up the sides of my brain–
rip at the cracks of my skull
They whisper horrid things to the better part of me
I will dance with demons
I will romance angels
I will scream at the Holy Spirit
I will allow all manner of vindictive specter–
every hellacious image of the night to dwell within my soul
I will not desist until you rest beside me again
I am not supposed to be here without you

6 thoughts on “latent images

  1. Emotions of hurt rain from the words of your pen.
    Artwork where the dark emerges for the bright colours of the past .
    I see places in your art that touch on times I could connect with. Great art and words on life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wish I’d had someone pressing my eyelashes to my face last night …
    I do know this poem, like many of your poems, is written from a POV not your own, yet I’d be damned interested in learning how you dream these images/words up. 🙂 This is moving, profound, and chilling all at the same time – and wonderful, so wonderful. Amazing, the art (a perfect complement to the words.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I tell you, I try to have one thought – maybe think of one object – may be two – something might manifest – and in that magical moment – words – maybe – if I’m lucky
      thank so much, DS

      Liked by 1 person

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