fake flowers in an outdoor garden I’ve buried
tracks inside a puma’s paw leading outside the cave
my hands place glass beads beneath your naked feet
crush and drink the blood
too much?
tacky paper for trapping wingless appellations
where many thoughts stick then expire
rather like the spider spinning threads too thin for binding
I am here, always in your black places
thinking on a bridge, crossing soil to sand
’tis a fine thing to sleep construct with glass balloons
bursting when I wake
inside my lava chest, a torrent of hot ash
running the length of my breast and tangling my legs
I will return to my chilled sheets at moonrise
rebuild the span of me, you have not yet found
only the tunnel to my nightmares is wide open

5 thoughts on “editing

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. A healthy dose of writing and rest today. My new horror book is great I am working my butt off on it. I did better with insulin today. Now I am watching fun horror movies before Celtics game. Hope u have a lovely Monstery day

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  2. AM, I’m working my way backwards on the posts I’ve missed reading/commenting upon. It may take me a few days of playing “catch up,” but I will (catch up, that is).

    First off, I like the new font — it’s got a nice “spring-like” effusion of sparinglyness to it. Yes, I very much do like it.

    Secondly, the art is fantastic — that chick has some seriously staring eyes, and I swear when I move off to one side her eyes follow. 🙂

    Finally, the poem is wonderfully dark and heavy — even the lines are longer and denser with image and meaning. There’s a real ominous feeling to this piece, and in fact it “feels” as if the reader has slipped into a nightmare (which that last grabber line does so nicely reveal). I always like the way you yolk natural objects, as well as manmade objects, to the feeling, the emotion. That’s hallmark Rosellian. Bella, bella.

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    • I never cared for the other font – was too lazy to change it til now
      Since you know I’m editing now – it brings me to a place – as it does for many of us – dark and light – right and wrong – and sometimes pointless at the end
      never sure when to stop or where to start
      thanks DS

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