the ark

snake charmers pecking at malnourished carcasses
bodies strangled in murderous waters
walls so high, mountain steeples flatten
follow the arc of the convenient
the long story is best told aboard travelling vessels
bridging episodic whims
this is where they followed
the writers
two by two
in it for the long journey spanning centuries
creative creatures called to board
before the raging floods of sameness
drown out overweight minds and weak voices
protected in the ark, safe to endure extreme swells
the chosen and their miraculous words survive mankind’s dysfunction
sowing seeds for independent reaping
sun to sun to sun
after earth recovers and swollen rivers recede
writers perished by insignificant waters finally reveal themselves
their dried out bones almost identical

golden horses


4 thoughts on “the ark

  1. And enters AM Roselli’s Biblical phase 🙂
    An Ark with writers — marvelous! Very ingenious, these thoughts here, and the deft lines and phrasings as well. “The raging floods of sameness” — that’s the line that really got me (that, and the last kicker of identical dried out bones). Sometimes I feel, now, in this time in which we live, there are so many writers, all wanting to be heard, and all of us saying essentially the same thing: read me, like me, want me, listen to me. But of course each of us says it in our own, unique ways. I like this poem, AM. Made me think.
    And I wonder what you’ll do next … perhaps The Book of Job? 🙂 (I know you’d do it right, too.)

    Liked by 1 person

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