15 thoughts on “rejection

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. I was inspired by you. I walked down to the movie theater saw a movie Beauty and the Beast for a second time. Had a frappe so I played basketball my sugar went down. I watched The Brooklyn Nets 13-14 playoffs with Raptors. Are you a Nets fan being from New Jersey? The Celtics traded Celtic Legends Pierce and KG to The Nets for 4 first round picks that are turning into great picks. We could get the 1st pick this year and next off Nets. Pierce and KG I Wear their Nets jerseys and cheer for them during that series. If they had stayed Celtics they would have retired that year or the next. I feel though we got the benefit big time of the trade those two ended up taking too long to walk away. I guess I also root for The Nets that year because Pierce and KG were forced out. The trade was what was best for the team. Was it fair to Pierce and KG. Not so much. I am keeping distracted selling wrestling dvds worth 125 bucks woo hoo ttys AnnMarie I got to catch my breath


  2. Awww, nobody needs that yet it is that painful act that somehow is so necessary for the development of the poet / artist. I bought the book and loved it and told you so. It has helped me in my journey. Embrace the critic Embrace the process Youre always becoming Youre damn good already Bernie Golden Sent from my iPhone


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    • I thank you, Bernie
      I truly appreciate your kind thoughts here
      just had to get past the first bad review – and now it’s over and I’m ready for anything else
      there is, of course, always room for much creative improvement and I’m my worst critic


  3. I hear a famous person once say, the first bad review is the worst and then you grow a thick skin. Hope this is true for you. You are a gifted writer and if a few people cannot appreciate that, well that’s their issue.

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    • V.J.
      thank you
      I very much appreciate your kind words here
      I was just waiting for my first bad review – I wish the actual review had been more constructive – oh well
      I have 5 sibs and a thick skin 😉
      The review did smart a little, I knew it would – but it’s over and I will live to tell the tale –
      And now, it’s back to art and writing and improving
      many thanks

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  4. It stings, but it won’t leave a mark. You can use it, like everything else, to create something new. Besides, you know what they say about opinions and a certain bodily orifice: everyone has one. Love you. ❤ 🙂

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    • Hi there, Doug
      I knew I’d act like an over-emotional Italian
      It’s over and I will go on to enjoy more pizza 😉
      Too bad, the review was silly in tone – not constructive – still it’s there on my sell page
      I’m my own worst critic – I lambast my work on a daily basis
      but it keeps me striving
      thank you for your kindness truly
      and I owe you an email – this week


  5. There are always readers with poor taste, AnneMarie. Just accept you can’t please all of the people all of the time. And this timely post has reminded me to order your book, which I’ve now done!

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    • HI there, Suart
      Yes, I know there is no pleasing everyone. I learned that in Catholic school a long time ago 😉
      Tough crowd out there
      I know bad reviews are part of the deal, and that’s okay –
      I’ve gotten my first, it’s over and I’m onto my next writing project
      And I thank you for ordering-
      so very much

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  6. Hi AnneMarie. I wanted to find a quote for you that may be helpful. “If you keep your feathers well oiled the water of criticism will run off as from a duck’s back.” Love your poetic creativity and artistic talents. Cheers! ❤

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