love in a cage

6 thoughts on “love in a cage

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. I am looking to even out my blog sugars as my diet caused my sugars to drop too low. What a pain AnnMarie you recall I used to get all highs. Its a tough balancing act. It’s stressful but my Bipolar PRN med loxapine has helped remove all the stress, anxiety and agitation. PRN just stands for take as needed. I am going to take that more regularly and I should be less jumpy and anxious and stressed. I think my goals for diabetes is to keep it under 200. I can’t have it get too low. I’ll find a happy medium. So I think in time my A1C will be better and my Bipolar will continue to get better. I got to continue to work with my diabetes drs and continue to take my loxapine PRN. AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!

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    • thank you, Dan
      I’m amazed you have such a handle on all that’s needed/required to maintain your balance. I had to read this a few times – I don’t know how you do it – amazing.
      I hope you are doing okay. You seem to be on top of things. Rest, relax, do whatever you think you must to feel better.

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