sacred spot


2 thoughts on “sacred spot

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Been feeling mixed. I kind of feel depressed that I am too drained from those two hospitalizations to go back to writing like I used to. Feeling very happy about the focus and good blood sugars I am getting through my diet. I work hard on improving my blood sugars. The rest of the time I rest and relax because I just feel wiped out. I am sure in a month or two I’ll be back to writing horror books and my diabetes will be all figured out.

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    • Dan,
      I think anyone going through what you and your body must endure, would get depressed from time to time. You are only human, but a fierce one at that. If you’re wiped then sleep, rest. You’ll know when you can return to the schedule you want to keep. Don’t push yourself. You ‘ll never run out of writing ideas and when you’re ready to write them, they’ll pour out.
      Keep the faith, my friend

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