black and white faith

8 thoughts on “black and white faith

  1. This is great, AM. As I said on FB: send. (An example of a sexy/spicy-themed poem, but it’s got depth, especially concerning religion, which adds depth, weight.)
    Love the photo, too. Wedding? It’s beautiful.

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  2. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend. This flu is dragging me down nothing like a horror movie marathon to cure what ails yah. I plan to hang out with my sister when she gets up in two hrs. I am prob just gonna stay in and rest but talk. Feels good to be home and creating again. AnnMarie=Number One! No more hospital visits for 10 years to forever

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  3. I was also brought up in the church (C of E for me). Fortunately, life’s experiences, and a propensity for rational thought, removed the brainwashing and I now consider myself an evangelical agnostic. You should see the confusion on the faces of door-knocking Jehovah’s Witnesses!

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      • Evangelical Agnostic was my own term, AnnMarie. I want to spread the truth!
        I bet you now know there are very many more denominations, and that skin colour is a palette running from ebony to albino shaded with umber, beige, burnt sienna, sand and ivory.

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