eee boođŸ‘»love of the monsterđŸ‘čebook soonđŸ€—so very excited!!!

hope you’re all managing okay within your personal universe and this big beautiful sometimes very bad world of ours

I’ve been offline quite a bit, severely cutting back on social media in a huge effort to create new work I can attempt to submit for publication
(most online journals and magazines will not take blog pieces as these are considered previously published works)
I’m sorry I haven’t been posting here more regularly, I do miss WP
and I apologize for not returning comments quickly

this getting rejected stuff is quite depressing and mind-numbing sometimes
but I guess one must continue to fight the good fight
or better still, work toward creating a seminal piece of work
I’m not nearly there, not by a long shot

I do thank you for stopping by from time to time
and I’m so very excited for the ebook version of, love of the monster, to be out this November!
I’ll be pulling the plug on the print version about the same time and must kick a family member out of the house to make room for cartons of books 😊

6 thoughts on “eee boođŸ‘»love of the monsterđŸ‘čebook soonđŸ€—so very excited!!!

  1. Never give up AnnMarie you are the greatest writer of all times and the greatest woman of all times. Not everyone will love your writing but that doesn’t mean others won’t. Keep plugging along. I miss you deeply on WP but I want the best for you. I love my friend. I have been doing very well I am still writing blogs but burned out on book and story writing for now. I need a breakskee. My dr continues to sound more like a talking medication refill machine as he says I am just going to end up back in the hospital while boxed in with stress. Not the most helpful thing he could say no one can predict the future. I am under a lot of stress but you know me AnnMarie I can handle it. Keep in touch AnnMarie lets us know how you are doing. ttys xoxo your friend Dan

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