lovely daughter of mine

a portrait of my darling, Caroline

10 thoughts on “lovely daughter of mine

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. I am taking it easy now watching The Celtics and watching movies. My blood sugar has been up a little but I can always adjust with the insulin. I think I got to keep on resting and soon the holidays will be here and the fun times that follow. ttys AnnMarie=Number One!

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  2. Lovely thoughts, as always, AM.
    How did we drift apart in this virtual space? I do occasionally come by — still remembering all your support when I began this poetic virtual journeying a few years ago 🙂

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    • well hello there, Lillian!
      your ears must have been ringing
      I was thinking about you the other day!
      I hope you and your lovely family are well and gearing up for the holidays
      I’ve been offline quite a lot trying to get my writing and art out there…for what it’s worth
      email me anytime, my friend
      ps Caroline switched schools for her soph year


  3. That’s all we can hope for from our children; that they feel safe coming to us when it matters most. Lovely image you’ve created, AnnMarie. I enjoyed the slight abstract style of it. The eyes are stunning. 🙂

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