flapper saint

this painting is part of a new series I’m working on
what you see here is a version of the final which is a bit different
so you shall see this gal again somewhere along the way
thank you

6 thoughts on “flapper saint

  1. Love these women portraits with the bright colors!
    Couldn’t help thinking of that song, “Cigarette dangle (something, something) …” when I read that 2nd line. Excellent, powerful message, AM, well-penned.

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  2. Beautiful work AnnMarie. Are you excited for Thanksgiving? Do you like cooking Turkey. My mom doesn’t want to do it this year. I would cook it if I knew how to. I wouldn’t rely on my cooking skills of using the microwave. I have been tired a lot recently AnnMarie but enjoying myself and getting rest. ttys

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    • thanks, Dan
      yes, always excited for turkey day
      and a big NO for cooking – I dislike it – thankfully my younger sis is an amazing cook and so enjoys –
      my big Italian family piles into my home for the feast which over the many years has come to be affectionately called “Thanksgivingpalooza”
      If you can, maybe order a pre-sliced turkey from a grocery store – 🤗

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