entrenched truth

grabbed a line or two from one of my older pieces, added some newer art and thought about what transpires between pen, paper and brush


unsaturated the paint on my silent gal portrait, another writing piece dusted and remade-thank you

my monsters

I gotta do it – push a little – nudge a bit – dream the thing flies off the digital shelf so I can tell my kiddies – ‘hey guys, look what mom has got goin’ on!’
I haven’t been doing enough promo for the ebook version of this near-and-dear-to-my-heart book
The ebook version has a new poem and the illustrations are in glorious color – I’ve swapped drawings for paintings for several pieces too
So without further ado and $2.99😄my, love of the monster
I’m hoping you love monsters too, ’cause if you don’t, you’re missing a piece of yourself❤
I’ve linked to the biggest monster of ’em all – AMAZON (the prime hairs on your neck should be up😉)

rolling off a flat world

I truly enjoy returning to older pieces and completely reworking them. I rarely like my original versions. I hack away the meat until only the marrow remains, then I throw out the skeleton and bury the bones.

I am vain

This piece inspired by my face, currently a disaster of stress rash. Apparently, holding back, in an attempt to be monstrously strong, isn’t good for you. I can now use my face like a 70’s mood ring. Never believed I was vain, but lately I’m hiding in the shadows along with my creatures.

a long time in the making

After experiencing several monster-sized issues, my eBook is now available. Truth be told, post-problems it was ready in late January, but at the time, I had not the heart to promote it. So without further ado – some new illustrations and a new poem too – love of the monster – is yours for the downloading (oh and a tiny $2.99)

thank you