rolling off a flat world

I truly enjoy returning to older pieces and completely reworking them. I rarely like my original versions. I hack away the meat until only the marrow remains, then I throw out the skeleton and bury the bones.

4 thoughts on “rolling off a flat world

  1. I go back to my old writing too and change things. Depends on how I feel. Better to work on them with a stable head. But they are very creative. How are the book sales AnnMarie? Moving like hotcakes? Is it true everyone buys writing online and no reads the physical copies. Your writing is amazing. I got to go back to read your older stuff its very good. I am taking a breakskee from writing to watch horror movies and enjoy myself and when I am ready I’ll come back to write more. ttys AnnMarie woo hoo! Go AnnMarie!

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    • hey there Dan
      I so appreciate all your support
      I don’t know that I deserve it
      I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all your thoughtful kindnesses
      I’m glad you’re writing away
      and I must again remind you – you are the real inspiration – you work through so much to create – and I admire that beyond what I can put into words

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