I challenge myself to write relationship pieces that don’t read too sappy-it’s not always easy (as perhaps the lover was here😉)

4 thoughts on “nailed

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. I am having trouble with my Diabetes and I keep a journal of what i eat and blood sugars. I got off the appetite supressant because it stopped working. The drs want me to be on more insulin. It’s really up to me to give them the information in the journal to decide. My blood sugars are hits and misses. Sometimes they are good and sometimes bad. I’ll leave it to my drs i got good drs. I hope you are well. AnnMarie=Number One woo hoo

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  2. Ah, my friend. I do remember the “ghost” of this poem. Much as I liked the old one, this new version — new poem, really — is stunning. Re: what we were talking about this afternoon, what I was telling you about your ability to humanize and find that one detail into the heart of the poem and the reader’s heart — for me in this piece that detail is the dog. Yes, I’m a dog lover, but that’s not why. For me, the dog epitomizes the the relationship — the dog is really at the “heart” of this poem. That dog bears all the emotional weight. So very lovely, AM.

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