outside echoes

almost frightens me, returning to these older pieces and rewriting them entirely, save a salvageable line or two
what’s scary is how I thought the originals – when written – were halfway decent
I took this photo off my back deck a few weeks ago

13 thoughts on “outside echoes

  1. It means your talent is maturing, which his how it should be. And you are very talented. Just think of the earlier versions as stepping stones to where you are now. I’ve also been reassessing some of my earlier works, and yikes! So I know what you mean. 🙂

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    • hi there Georgiann
      I’ve got many snow shots this year – so many of us do I’m sure – waiting for the sun
      I find the writing pieces are more of a surprise than the art when reevaluating – need to read every detail –


  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, AM. The originals were great — written at a time when you were a different person, a different poet. Time ages a poem, just like a fine wine. 😉

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    • thanks DS
      it’s amazing how much a year changes a person – gosh, I think about this year alone and I feel unhinged from last year’s gal – good and bad – but oh – much better for creating
      I rewrite and cuss last year’s writer of that piece under my breath – hopefully she doesn’t get offended – but grows from the experience

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