sweet insomnia

I hope this piece does justice to the wonderful creative appreciation going on this month: Children’s Book Week (4/30-5/9) in homage to my favorite children’s book; Pegasus, The Winged Horse, A Greek Myth Retold by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The illustration is a cover detail by the talented illustrator Herschel Levit. The writing also pays homage to National Poetry Month as it suggests Ithaca, legendary home of Odysseus. Thank you


4 thoughts on “sweet insomnia

  1. Sup AnnMarie how long has your ebook been on amazon? This is the colored version right? I got something cooking with a new horror slasher book. I havent been feeling well lately(Bipolar stuff reading into things regular people read into things too but deff for bipolar) not Diabetes. It helps to express that in my horror books. I feel when I am not well that is some of the times I am most creative. Writing horror books makes me well and gives me an escape. I think like you say don’t worry about what writing you are doing just write and it will take you full circle. ttys AnnMarie

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    • you know Dan that’s a good question
      I’m not sure since there were so many issues
      it was up but not coming up in searches
      the print version kept taking over
      express away young man
      keep writing and I’ll send always healthy thoughts your way
      bottle the creative feeling but not the catalyst for it
      be well
      and thank you again for all your support

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