II. sweet, sweet Camille

the original layout was really buggin’ me, this is a redo and edit, apologies – couldn’t leave Millie that way –
A glorious Mother’s Day to all you fabulous mothers!


4 thoughts on “II. sweet, sweet Camille

  1. Oh, gosh — I think I’d recognize that great, warm smile anywhere — and I’ve only met your mom once. But I’ve seen it in her dear, sweet daughter (the one I know; sorry, I don’t know the others) and I know that like mother, like daughter, both women are charming and thoughtful and caring.

    I wish you and Millie a terrific Mother’s Day, AM. And I’m so glad your lovely tribute to her has reappeared here on WP. I can’t help but read your words and not only be moved by them, but I get choked up too because the emotion is so genuine, sincere, loving. (Peg-worthy, as I said before, but just plain stellar to boot.)

    You crack me up about the layout — you’re an artist through-and-through (and a perfectionist ;)) — but I’m glad you used this photo because it so captures your mother’s beautiful spirit — those shining eyes, that cheerful mouth (she’s the kind of person you take one look at and know immediately you’re gonna love her).

    And now, Miss, I’m being verbose here — and my lengthy comment should by no means be responded to, just read and hopefully appreciated. 😉 I shall soon hoist a glass of cherry wine in honor of my mom, your mom and you (a fine mother too!) — and no, I’m not already drinking, I’m just in a reflective and pretty chatty mood today. Well, I guess that’s better than the alternative. 🙂


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    • how the heck did I miss this!
      thank you my friend
      yes, that warm smile my family is dying to see again
      the first layout was so bad – it haunted my dreams 😉
      from the bottom of my heart – heartfelt thanks
      and to the living spirit of your wonderful mother alive in you!🌹


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