buried beneath a storybook

sometimes it feels good to go a little darker…


5 thoughts on “buried beneath a storybook

  1. Beautiful Work AnnMarie hope you had a great weekend. I am doing better with my diabetes. I went out with my friends to have coffee. We talked to 2 hrs. I feel bad for Debbie she has depression her father killed himself when she was young and her mother is dying of cancer. She is strong and I love her toughness. She’s an angel. I am glad I have her as a friend. Her boyfriend Will my great friend is very supportive and is a good boyfriend. I made a new friend from Belgium I wrote a book and a song for her. Cara loves reading and to have a book written after her and she loved the song i wrote for her. Glad I have her as a friend. ttys

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    • Hi Dan,
      you are a friend to your friends too😊
      I’m sorry for Debbie’s grief, that’s quite a cross to bear, she’s more than an angel, she’s a saint – and she’s lucky she has friends like you –
      You are keeping creatively busy – fantastic!
      be well
      and thank you for your kind words

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