we’re all a little broken here

not sure where this one manifested from, though I wanted to end this one on a positive note-we do need hope
the gal in the background is a sculpture I made in eleventh grade-I stubbornly didn’t listen to my art teacher and this lady fell apart-too bad

4 thoughts on “we’re all a little broken here

  1. AM,
    I did not know this before I looked it up, but a “manifesto” is derived from the Italian “manifesto,” meaning clear or conspicuous (I’m afraid I’ve terribly plagiarized this def from Wiki). Why I’m telling you this is that I feel your bella, bella words above were “manifested,” as you say you know not from where, by perhaps a higher power, a creative power, giving you the gift of a “manifesto,” yours, everyone’s. Climbing on “shredded bellies / rock by rock, piece by broken piece” we all endeavor to live our lives the best we can, going forward, upward.

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