my treasured mitt

I still enjoy throwing a ball and swinging a bat. I go to the batting cages occasionally with my big son and we challenge each other. This pic from my high school softball days. Still have my beautiful first baseman mitt and yes, I treasure it. As a lefty, back then – it was difficult to find. 😘

8 thoughts on “my treasured mitt

  1. Oh a lefty I am a righty and baseball is my worst sport I can’t hit I can’t pitch. But basketball is a different story. How tall are you? I am only 6 feet you might be able to have the height advantage, You should play some baseball with your son over the summer. I plan on going to the beach and going to movies. I just finished a book so I am going to take a break from large projects like books and do prompts. Hope love of the monster is moving like hotcakes remember your book proves the biggest dreams can still come true. AnnMarie=Number 1

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    • I’m a bit over 5′ 9″
      lol I sucked at basketball, but made a decent softball player
      my book is stalling, I’ve been doing not much to promote it
      I love having catches with anyone who can throw hard 😊
      sounds like you have a lovely summer planned


      • You are tall are you? All you need a little practice. I got good by playing every day. Went from worst to best. Sorry about the book it will pick up. You are the greatest writer ever. I think there is no doubt anyone that views your work can tell you are talented and you will make it. AnnMarie=Number One

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  2. This is fabulous, AM. Love it all, but those last 3 lines really kick ass (razor-sharp as, I imagine, your rifling throws on the field were back when, and perhaps still are).
    You know, though, reading this I realize something I’ll have to ‘splain via telly: remind me of the word “sincerity,” okay? Can’t go into it here, but I’ve been realizing, and this affirms my realization, what is so darn spectacular about your writing.
    P.S.: Love the photo! You look like a pro!
    P.S.S.: [complete different subject, but …] Do you like Moscato? I’m sampling it with dinner tonight and thinking I’m not a fan (too sweet).
    P.S.S.S: Did you see the movie A League of Their Own? Bet you enjoyed. It was great 🙂

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    • ah, thanks DS
      trying, trying to get some writing in
      so miss chatting
      I miss the days of softball play
      hmm, Moscato – I’ve had but can’t remember the sensory or taste
      For now I’m sticking straws in bottles of Merlot
      Yes, League of Their Own – wonderful – especially John Lovitz!


      • Stop! Don’t answer any more of my comments – I wanted to tell you that, that there’s no need. Please, AM, just use your time to write.

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