wall of hair

well, well-don’t usually post pics of myself but alas, the hair was done for a dear friend’s son’s wedding, by a talented woman who happens to also be one of my mom’s excellent caregivers – so for a few hours I pretended I had glass slippers not a pumpkin coach 😘

14 thoughts on “wall of hair

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. You look beautiful and in your twenties! AnnMarie=Number One! Things have been hostile at home. My sister is working for a company that is going out of business. She has some recruiters and she has some options and a lot to think about. She’s stressed she worked there 11 years. I wrote a book for my fav female wrestler Francine. She liked it. Francine played a real mean bitch in her wrestling character but in real life she is a sweet lady and a mother. I liked her character bad and beautiful. I look forward to be writing another horror book. You are looking good AnnMarie. ttys

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    • how very sweet Dan
      lol to be in my 20s – those were some crazy times
      sorry for your sis, she’s lucky to have you in her corner
      you are generous in sharing your talents with your friends – I now how appreciative they all must be
      hope you’re feeling well

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      • Yea my sister is very smart and will be an asset to what new job she picks. Yea I think I am going to write something for that wrestler who is struggling with Bipolar Disorder I’ll have to keep it short her illness is so bad she can’t read a book. have a great rest of your weekend AnnMarie!

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