secret lover


12 thoughts on “secret lover

  1. Hey AnnMarie I hate The Winter. I miss Halloween. I have been watching wrestling to keep me distracted. I feel any time now I could start a new horror book but I may just make the break longer and just watch wrestling.

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  2. This is fascinating, AM. I love the lush language, the nouns heavy with meaning, anchored with intent and intensity. I’m not sure what all’s going on here (and it’s not necessary that I do), but it doesn’t matter because the voice is so in command, so mesmerizing that I read along trance-like. I think that’s the mark of a fine poet. I do understand the Virginia Woolf reference 😉 Stunning work here, AM. Really, so good, so fine. I like this direction.

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    • Hey there DS
      I was experimenting with in/out/in and not sure if I was successful. I wanted to setup the typical seedy motel and then have readers place 2 lovers within then ultimately place themselves in the bed albeit thru fantasy – I may go back and retool a bit – a tad of desire in escapism
      I’m so glad you got the Woolf reference – and the Chicago Sun ‘Yes Virginia’ response😁
      thanks so very much for your kind words on this


      • I can see that, AM. You know, I’m always impressed with how you understand your motivations, artistic decisions — me, I have no idea what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. 😆

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      • I really have a good old time writing these type of pieces – creating a character and imposing flesh on top
        you absolutely know what your doing
        if you don’t know, then I’ve no hope of knowing anything 😉🌹

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    • HI there Ray
      in just about every place I’ve ever lived there has been “a no-tell motel” – as kids we giggled driving by these establishments, somehow the reaction changes once into adulthood then it stays the same…no more humor in it…

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