can’t go there

photo of my beautiful mom in younger glorious days – my smiling bright star

5 thoughts on “can’t go there

  1. I am excited for Christmas I still like what Santa brings me he always seems to get me what I want. I am just taking a break to enjoy my wrestling from back in the day. I talk to one of the female wrestling managers on twitter and youtube she has live chats with fans. I always liked her she stood out from the other girls. I have a lot of her photos on the wall with the other wrestlers. I talk to her shes nice in wrestling she was always playing bad girl characters she was a good talker. Fun to make new friends. I have a friend who is a fan of wrestling on youtube he gives reviews on dvds. I watch Dave Mcrae he’s obsessed with Halloween so we talk about that on his channel a lot. I talk to Ben about The Celtics. I got good friends I can talk to on my break. hope you are having fun with your work. You are a prolific artist and awesome beautiful woman. ttys

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  2. I’m glad you’re writing this, AM. Breaks my heart to read it, but I’m glad you’re writing it.

    “Where I traveled last night / dark mode” — I’ve have too many of those trips as well. Your words here (and the gray day) reminded me of them. A dark night of the soul.

    Anyway, your words, as always, are beautiful, and that photo of Millie precious.

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    • that’s one thing about writing these somber pieces – if others can identify – maybe they help in that ‘universal’ way – hey, we go through these things and we’re not alone –
      thank you for your words
      I love that pic of millie – wish I had the original

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