stained purple


24 thoughts on “stained purple

  1. Hey AnnMarie how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. I finished a new book for this awesome kind woman Beth she spends all her time helping others with mental illness and she has mental illness too. I help her too. She created a small community of people with mental illness to talk about their stories and how they are doing. It’s like a brotherhood and sisterhood. Have you done your xmas shopping I am sure he will bring your family and you lots of of great gift. You give me the greatest gift of xmas the gift of friendship. AnnMarie=Number One!

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    • thanks John
      I think ’cause my dad was an FBI agent during the early mafia years, things like this lurk in the back of my words sometimes 😁
      wow! your folks must have collected some interesting stories


  2. Listen to your own artistic inner voice, always – can’t write for others, can’t write for muses, can’t write for anyone but yourself – truthfully, we are alone, can never fully know another, can barely know ourselves, though we try – have faith in yourself, AM.

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