what the hell did I make a book for

I created the print version in 2016, don’t really advertise it much, what the hell did I do this for? never about the $, maybe about the pride – the ebook came out in 2017. I gotta continue try giving it wings like the monarch – flies away🦋then returns –

Since creating the ebook version, I had the bulk of the print books sent to my home – my mom and I were planning to have a grand  time peddling, love of the monster, at fab autumn-fests throughout the Hudson Valley. Since my beautiful mom had a stroke – plans have changed. For now boxes will remain in my closet ’til my heart cheers.


8 thoughts on “what the hell did I make a book for

  1. I’ll buy them all from you! Don’t get down Love Of The Monster is an awesome book. People may give it a cult following. Don’t get on yourself for trying and if you don’t get the results just keep trying. I loved all your work and I am not the only one. Go for your dreams always AnnMarie! Beautiful woman Beautiful talent Beautiful book!

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    • very kind – john – thank you
      fortunately – my mom though a shadow of her former self – is still on earth –
      i’ve been her caregiver and it’s heartbreaking work
      my mom was a vibrant and amazing woman for a good long while🌹

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  2. Answer: Because you’re a writer.

    Dammit, AM, that last graph is a tear-jerker, a palpable, tender sadness. I can see you and Millie wandering about the HV selling your books, talking to folks. I know she’d be your best bookseller. Who knows that it still can’t happen—but maybe in another way you just can’t imagine.


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    • thanks so much -ds
      I was so looking forward to doing this with millie – we would have had such fun
      she’ll always be with me in spirit

      thank you for these gentle words🌹
      and hey, you never know…

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