Can’t Remember Why I Painted This

Can’t recall what was going through my head in 2016 when I created this image.
I wish I could remember.
This piece once vaguely reminded me of John Baldessari’s artwork in the 1980’s—placing bright adhesive dots on random faces in photographs.
Since last year, the mask-like shape and those sad brown eyes have taken on a life all their own.

8 thoughts on “Can’t Remember Why I Painted This

  1. Sup AnnMarie Bad News My Blood Sugars Are So High I Almost Had To Get Hospitalized I Have Double Trouble I Don’t Make Healthy Choices All The Time And Also The Diabetes Itself Has Got Worse On It’s Own. The Diabetes Dr Was Late Getting On This. I’ll Be Taking Insulin 4 times a Day Instead Of Just 1, Wish Me Luck And Say A Prayer I Feel Sick And It Prevented Me From Writing A Poem For A Girl On Her Birthday Not Cool I Like Using My Talent To Make People Feel Special.

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    • so sorry to read this, dan
      don’t be too hard on yourself, especially during these exceptionally challenging months
      you’re aware and honest about the pitfalls and that’s the direction to head
      i’m sending positive vibes and good thoughts your way

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