8 thoughts on “I’m Glad My Parents Aren’t Here

    • HI there, John – all we can do is what we can and hold out hope for the rest
      And yes, though Joe’s aged mind is a bit fuzzy, his heart is kind and clear. Given who might have been at the helm, I’m ever-grateful it ain’t him. Here’s to hope❤️2022

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  1. Lovely photo, AM. I was honored to meet your folks, and I know that every one of your words is not only beautiful, but true. Yes, they would be very sad to see how this country has changed. DS

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    • HI there, my friend. My folks enjoyed the Levy visit too. I only wish there could have been more of them. I hope, Millie and Billy’s spirits and other intelligent and warm-hearted folks like them, are keeping near and sending democratic pulses where they’re needed most!❤️

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  2. HI there, Dan
    Thank you for sharing your story here. I’m so happy you received much needed relief. There are many who are in need still. Let’s hope decency, truthfulness, and mankinds’ better angels root into all politicians. Go Joe!❤️

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