warm breadsticks and crimson scars

while having lunch at the Olive Garden with my daughter and son, prior to dropping them off on campus, we had the good fortune of having an amazing waitress named Joanne-who was a beautiful inspiration and reminder of why life is worth its challenges


Ice Mountains

I sometimes, well who am I kidding, I often reread my words thinking exactly that
what am I thinking
what am I trying to get at
I don’t appreciate the kind decades
generous, in fact
as I’ve had them
to write angst when I’m happy
create euphoria when I’m blue
mold dream sequences I dare not live
in both words and colored shapes
often content in my ability
to be discontent
the excuse
the “creative” mind or spirit
instead, the reality
human with the privilege of life
I write this with the clarity of a gorgeous sunup
and a cool affirming breeze wrapping my fingers
now set upon my pricey laptop

the local paper this morning
a continuation of an accident report
three died in a nearby town
driver’s ed car and a tractor
an intersection
two at the scene
one this morning

beyond grief
is loss
young loss
beyond that

turn the page
ice mountains high as the Rockies
chasms six times deeper than the Grand Cranyon
Pluto artfully sculpted

may these young souls
touch beyond ice mountains
their vibrant spirits
forever reside
in the living
with the privilege
to do so

hearts out to them
families, friends…
wood hole nymphwoodhole nymph breaking from birch tree bark
created over the last three days – mixed media

Do Frogs Buy Books?

Dear Friends,
Today, I took my mother-in-law to Barnes & Noble. Along the sidewalk entrance I noticed something odd and a bit sad – a dead frog. I looked around. There was no nearby water source, unless the little frog had stopped by Friday’s for a drink. That might explain his premature demise. Maybe the little guy had a rough night, sipped one to many Mint Grasshoppers and strolled onto the blacktop, bleary-eyed. I hope he wasn’t on his way to purchase, Road Crossing for Dummies.

Once inside B&N, my hip mother-in-law downloaded some new Nook reads. I went the old-timer’s route and purchased a real book, Same Kind of Different as Me, which I’ve already started. Next, we enjoyed over-priced beverages and treats at the Café. Perhaps, the little frog had leapt a long distance and desired a refreshing Mango Smoothie.

Please remember dear friends, the many critters crossing the road this time of year. Turtles may be en route for egg laying,

turtleand little frogs may be trying to get to Barnes & Noble –

blue frog

Thank you and goodnight. May your dreams be filled with twirling turtles and flying frogs…

(both drawings rendered with Prisma pencil on construction paper)