boots and sunsets

Dear Friends,
Boots protect our feet and transport us to new destinations. Yesterday, my boots brought me to an enriched chemistry class and a brilliant-minded teacher. I learned something I didn’t know before. It deals with ROYGBIV and the color spectrum. I should have remembered this from my high school days. At sunset, light must travel farther through the atmosphere to reach you. When it finally does connect, more of it is reflected. Ultimately, the longest and last wavelength standing – or bending as the case may – is red. The shorter wavelengths – blues and greens – are scattered and can no longer be seen.

And this is the most wild part: By the time you see the sun in sinking below the horizon, it has already gone down. You, my friends are seeing an optical illusion of bending light…

Who knew (or remembered)? I didn’t!

Workboots Thank you. May you dream of comfy boots and beautiful sunsets.
Workboots created a few days ago, after observing anxious students sporting their fall fashion boots while trying to remember not to clench my jaw so much.