brushing prose

brushed my German Shepherd today
if you know the breed, you know the chore
a well-earned rest for me,
not the strapping dog

the day bordered on near perfect
cool air, light breeze, warm sun – get the picture
there I lay, on my little deck mat
following a hawk looping against oxygen blue
when they arrived
a directionless batch of dandelion seeds
destined to root

I contemplated fate
arriving at sanguine lines
for these husked creators
I grabbed pen and paper
before my poetic stamen
harkened away in the fertile air

while sowing dilettante declarations
the breeze cut out
the seeds alighted by my shoulder
this fuzzy clutch of flower eggs
was but a tuft of airborne dog fur

my fluid muse instantly shriveled
perhaps, a teachable moment if
all was not lost to hubris and
a hair clump

the sky bright
a hawk sailed
it was yet,
an unsung day of promise
and a fine-looking German Shepherd
rockyMy hairy dog–Rocky, rendered in pencil a few days ago – more crayon fun with pencil sketch beneath


Sexy Skeleton

Dear Friends,
The profoundness of the human soul is only limited by the human brain. We look and label in the very same instant. Some of us believe we’re appointed to judge others in the visual stratosphere. We can be harsh, even cruel at times. Our brains often close down before ‘their’ words can come anywhere near our hearts.

There is a wonderful line in the song, Colors of the Wind that so perfectly sums up our predilection for ‘beauty and sameness.’ So I’ll forgive Disney for making Pocahontas a bit too sexy. And I’ll thank lyricist, Steven Schwartz for his wordsmith brilliance:
“…You think the only people who are people are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew – you never knew…”

How our thought processes would change if we were all just sexy skeletons 😉

Sexy Skeleton

Sexy Skeleton

Thank you. May you dream of walking side by side with someone you don’t care for. And may the dream enlighten you…
Sexy Skeleton created while wearing dishtowel ’round my neck, much like my nana used to do whenever she was working in the kitchen.