bitter lioness

Shuffling on the dry balls of your padded paws.
Impermanence, your affliction.
Hard exacting breaths from decades of sauntering.
Protesting each movement to fling earth’s weight from your mind.
The weight must land elsewhere.
No more burning up the open plains.
Alive with dullness.
You, a bitter lioness.
Working bones unasked for fractional effort.
Heart wanting recompense from both moon and sun.
Roaring from miles away at injustices served.
Laying waste to shared land.
Sour notes break into others’ dreams.
The bitter lioness will disappear.
Upon the shrinking sands, an old lion slaughters its cubs.
And all other reminders of its imminent death.

Lioness after Lunch/Prisma



she wakes
not entirely welcoming her long life
managing through the tedious days
not advocating movement
yet refusing to die
and unwilling to live

she wakes
joyful of her slow moving parts
each day, an experience to be relished
zest and nectar swallowed
refusing to die
and unwilling to desist

she wakes
exhausted from her 1 am outing
anxious and thrilled
riding youth’s learning curve
refusing to slack
and unwilling to fail

she wakes
fierce observer of love
rallying the weak
cheering the intrepid
guiding the pliable
unwilling to rest

they sleep
she waves wishes and dreams their way
hopes and prayers each night
floating above
every woman’s existence

their journey of choices

beneath her daughter’s pillow, like a fairy’s quarter
she chooses
to hide every chance
she never took…

Caroline Hands Crossed

Caroline Hands Crossed

my beautiful daughter is graduating high school this evening
as I watch her and the older folks very close to me move about their lives
I realize how many choices continue to present themselves each day
the choice to push your body when it’s in pain
the choice to give in and give up
the choice to have a new, fabulous life
the choice to realize you can’t help those unwilling to help themselves

I wish for my daughter all the wonderment of life
may she be happy, may she never fear this world

and congratulations to all whose children are graduating
thank you

Getting Ready to Leave

My Friends,

The warm door sweeps across the welcome mat
light spills out the snow-stained windows onto the walkway
It’s cold out there in the dark
Looking back
familiar laughter seeps out the cracked seals
like chimes in the wind
beautiful images tucked into the pockets of her travel coat

The warm door gently closes
she walks above the snow
and slips away into the night
moonlit chimes accompany her slippered feet
her thin hands slide into her travel coat pockets
caressing the memories
as the walkway disappears

Deer Friends

Deer Friends

May you dream of your warmest memories and hold them tight…
For Aunt Nina