this time of year

may I call you out
it’s time
the nights are growing colder
the mornings chilly
leaves are weary and falling
the trees want to sleep
their shadows have cooled
and something is pressing in the wind
like a secret around the corner
this time of year
the minute hand seems to
overpower the hour
stepping through that next door
another calendar to markup with activity
summer is worn out
it’s time
for the harvest to begin
every time you change
I wish they could stay the same
and play with dolls just a little longer
Gallean with ragdoll
Galeen on a ‘shroom painted on paper a few weeks back


A Lesson from the Devil

My Friends,
I’m experiencing a self-imposed studio sequester (say that 3 times fast) and will be for the foreseeable future. Most of you lovely folks who visit here with me know I’d like to someday utter, “Yes, I’m published.” Well, I’m digging in my hooves and applying the only magic I know – persistent work. Feeding my family be damned (kidding, of course).

As I create the many monsters for my project, I’m learning or rather that is remembering as I proceed: If you rush or overwork your art, have a trusty garbage receptacle nearby. My trashcan is named Wandel.

There is a point where one must change direction but I can be bull-headed. When an idea in my head isn’t translating to paper, I often waste too much time trying to make the unworkable work. And then, when I’ve invested so much effort, what is the next logical step? Of course, trying to make it work. When Wandel starts talking to me, I know it’s over. I feed him a delicious snack of paper and scribble. He’s most thankful and I must begin again. In the end, I always get something better. It’s the letting go of what didn’t work that never gets easy.

I share with you below a failed attempt at a Jersey Devil. I’m too embarrassed to share the previous renderings which were worse. The Jersey Devil is supposed to be a winged half-man and half-horse creature (according to some eyewitness accounts). After several iterations of trying to create an original looking character, I gave up and fell prey to an easier approach. What I got was a red Pegasus with a migraine. I keep this unfinished devil nearby to remind me: Wandel needs to watch his weight and I shouldn’t feed the trashcan so much.

One can learn much from a devil 😉
bad devil pegasusThank you. May you dream of angelic devils who dispense sage advice.

Scarlet O’Hara’s Mantra

Dear Friends,
Some of you have already braved the school return with pencils pointed. Another year of subbing has arrived for me. I must suck it up and leave my studio for the classroom. I’ve composed a little pocket note – as we’re all golems. The note, now covered in clear tape will withstand the test of time. It will be placed in my pocket daily, after the toothbrush leaves my mouth. My golem note suggests: to not get cranky with my family, to breathe deeply in the face of stressful situations, to enjoy every day – even the more challenging ones, to maintain a healthy lifestyle including daily exercise, to create as often as possible, to remember it’s only a small space I occupy and all is possible within that small space…

Up in Arms

Up in Arms

We don’t need more arms to accomplish our objectives, we need only remember, ‘you can do as much as you can do and the rest will just have to wait.’ In the words of the immortal Scarlet O’Hara, “…tomorrow is another day…”

Thank you. May you dream of nothing but laughter and good cheer.
Arms and Arms created one week ago while feeling sorry for myself… 🙂

Pencils Through Our Heads

Dear Friends,
It’s back to squeaking bus brakes, pencils in our ears, printers not working, heavy eye crust, bewildered pets and the hands-of-time on crack. The ground starts rushing by while we’re trying to tie our running shoes. But, it’s all good. There’s nothing bad here. Our children are learning – possibly math. We’re back to the regimen of it all. This time of year I begin my merry ‘Holiday’ countdown. Please join in if you’d like: $5000, $4000, $3,000… 😉

Paper Shadow

Paper Shadow

Happiest of holidays, for those lucky enough to celebrate the day and/or have the day off!

Thank you. May you dream of golden buses and carefree schedules…
Pencil Head created August 31, 2014 with pencil and much erasing.