the great indoors


deep into my life

you are so deep into my life
I don’t remember the feel of my skin alone
you are all I long for each day, your body and mine
hearts, heads, hands
all parts in between
and below
fiercely joined, not the iceberg
that sank the unsinkable
dare pierce our flesh
you and I
float on something greater
catastrophic winds hold no bearing
across our sails
the compass of our bond guides true
would a mighty mountain black out the sun
no mourning of light
or heat for that matter
need be honored

we are self-contained
a brilliant vessel of fire
striking flames on sheets
laughing with moonlight
sharing secrets in locked embraces
my entire core flowing within yours
it is for all these most magnificent reasons

the union we share is too ungodly powerful
there is not a moment of air singularly mine
the intoxication of our mixing flesh
wobbles my entire body
forever in fog
not walking clearly
mist evaporating only by your presence
it’s not right
we weather any elemental affliction
together for certain
but I fear these soul libations
toxi-fying my blood
before I grow a milligram weaker
I will walk away
with both feet on the ground
back turned to you

I will mourn every granule of flesh
I must dig away
to make a whole

Warrior Lashes

Warrior Lashes

this art I thought fitting for the piece, as this gal is a warrior and the person in the verse is ‘trying’ to be
though I’m truly not sure if she behaving selfishly or selflessly or cowardly

like only words can

line after line of cyan rope heaves its burden over the side
to lasso our floundering bodies
and guide us back to shore

delicate symbols the birth children of ups and downs
sleep with us through the night
and convince us the day is not over

fierce inked fingers untwist our knotted spirits
straighten the crooked paths
our meandering feet struggle upon

elegant expressions lick our wounds
despite their own situations

transport then devolve into code

as ethereal elements
they rise above the false light
escaping their one-dimensional fortresses

to comfort our human condition
and ease our lives
in the way that only devoted words can

Paper Shadow

Paper Shadow