About Me

I sometimes,
sideways-lean-on-tablewell, who am I kidding
I often reread my words and critique my art
thinking exactly this

what am I thinking
what am I trying to get at
I don’t appreciate the kind decades
generous, in fact
as I’ve had them
to write angst when I’m happy
create euphoria when I’m blue
mold dream sequences I dare not live
in both word and form
often content in my ability
to be discontent
the excuse
the “creative” mind or spirit
instead, the reality
human with the privilege of life…


In 2017, on the sage advice of a dear writing friend, I began the grueling task of submitting my work to online journals. It is my hope, my dream (like so many others on the crowded cloud we share) to have my work reach a broader audience. In many cases, I cannot use writing pieces from my dear blog. These pieces are considered by many journals, “previously published” and therefore not “submittable.” Today, I am writing the bulk of my work offline. For anntogether, I’ve rediscovered my passion for marrying art and word. I enjoy creating small writing pieces or giving earlier works new life. Then I add art and wha lah! I  hope you enjoy and I humbly thank you for visiting.😘
Feel free to email me at amroselli.writer@gmail.com with any questions about writing and/or art.


photo by my talented artist sister ©Grace Roselli

228 thoughts on “About Me

  1. That’s a nice story. I felt as if I was watching a fairy tale movie. That was sheer storytelling with great art to compliment it.
    Well, I’m Anoop, your new reader! Happy to land on your page 🙂



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  3. Wrote you a new song AnnMarie while I waiting in the hospital. The Title ‘We Need More AnnMarie’

    ‘We Need More AnnMarie’

    AnnMarie makes me see
    When I am stubborn
    All of the sudden my world
    Is clear again and there is no fear
    Creating Art and Magic
    Her beauty will goon until
    The end of time
    She spreads joy and happiness
    through the world through laughter
    She’s a kind, gentle, spirit
    One of the few left
    Like an angel heaven sent
    A woman set on family values
    Cooking with pride her great dishes
    She is set apart from the rest like a Queen
    Ever since I met her I have been happier
    She caused me a lot more laughter
    With her love and care
    She makes the world a little easier for me.
    We Need More AnnMarie.


  4. Sup AnnMarie exciting news a old friend sent me a message looking to reconnect and asked how i was and how i have been. I told him a lot about graduating college, my writing, my health and mental health problems. When we parted ways he made a mistake by sticking with friends who were jerks to me. He tried to fix it and get me to be buddies with his friends so I just walked away. I was sick at the time and going into the hospital a bipolar relapse so it was best to take care of myself and move on. Ten years later is a lot of time and I gave him a lot of information to absorb and take in so I am sure he will put some thought into his response. I left him with an opening where I said if he was n the area we could hang out or play basketball. It would be great to have another friend to hang out and do stuff with. I’ll stay positive and take it as a compliment he came back after ten years looking to be friends again.


  5. Sup AnnMarie bad news got my A1C results they went up from 7.4 to 7.8 that is a bad position to be in. It really sucks after all that exercise I put in that it made no difference. I am going to cut back and be strict with my diet but also contacted my psychiatrist to make sure its not my BIpolar meds spiking it. It could be stress too. I am just going to keep up the good exercise and pay more attention and focus on my diet.


  6. AnnMarie you have to read my new childrens book ‘Who is the Prettiest Princess?’ and tell me what you think its like 2 pgs. I love the message of the story and I think its great for little girls to read. Of course AnnMarie in there as the most beautiful wife ever passed. Playing a genial old widower in this one teaching the girls what true beauty is.


  7. Hey AnnMarie positive news to report. My diabetes had some high sugars so I got a new diabetes dr set up to see her in november I am open to more pills or needles whatever will help me. I am buying notebooks to record food meals and blood sugars for my drs to help. I am putting everything on 2nd spot and putting Diabetes number one. I really feel like I can improve and do better. It’s very hard work but I can do it. I hate needles but you got to do what is best for your health. AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo!


      • Okay AnnMarie you take as much as time as you need to get your rest and mentally recharge. I missed you of course but believe me I understand being Bipolar sometimes I have to take breaks from social media and be away from people. Thanks I made a great new friend Julie Handlin she was giving me a bit of a hard time but I had a good response for everything she said. She admitted she was a dork. I commented on some of her pics to say nice things and put her in my new horror book which she loved and she told me it was very sweet of me to include her in the book. Julie is ridiculously pretty treading in AnnMarie pretty territory and same way in kindness. I am going to keep writing my horror book and keep working on my new friendship with Julie. You take care AnnMarie and let me know how you are doing. I care a lot about you. xoxo Dan


  8. Hey AnnMarie I wanted to tell you a funny story about two girls. Andrea was a redhead she was very pretty, had the best smile and was always smiling. I tried to make buddies with her I told her in the cafeteria that I loved her red hair. She loved the compliment and liked me a lot. We formed a little group there was one girl Ilana a black haired girl with black eyes as soon as she walked towards us Andrea said ‘I Don’t trust that bitch’ pretty intense Ilana was very pretty, brave and smart at the same time she stopped in her tracks and had a concerned look on her face. Andrea got kicked out of school for fighting but also rescued abused puppies. Andrea sat with me when I was violently ill no color in my face. She solaced me. Good heart. Never understood why she didn’t like Ilana. She didn’t do anything. Ilana told me she didn’t watch movies. Ilana was strange and different but like Andrea had a great smile. Ilana seemed to be happy I went over to check on her to see how she was doing she was easy to talk to. The 3 of us are sort like the characters in Jaws Robert Shaw hates Richard Dreyfuss intensely yet he likes The Chief. I was The Chief I was nice to both the girls and cared for them. I felt bad for Ilana and was good to her. My sister says sometimes girls just don’t like other girls. I put them both in ‘Halloween 2’ book in played off the real life hatred between the two. Gave Ilana the best scene and iconic scene with us both very suspenseful. ‘Halloween 2’ is going to have an awesome ending one no one sees coming. I think they would both be flattered to be in it. I tried to give Ilana some great scenes since she got the treatment by Andrea. I love both girls. Andrea liked me a lot. Ilana liked me too it was more subtle. Well she was always looking at me. Those two had a good rivalry. Very colorful fun people and good girls. I love those two. AnnMarie=Number One!


  9. Happy Mothers Day AnnMarie to a Great Mother and a Great Friend, I am blessed to have you as a friend and your kids are blessed to have you. Your Mother did a great job raising you too! xoxo

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  10. Hey AnnMarie I went inpatient again to fix my meds just 5 days moved my sedating meds to nightime to help with depression and increased my depression meds and I feel so much better so much energy now. Writing a new awesome book. I caught a nasty bug in the hospital though coughing my head off and runny nose. Hope you are well.


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  12. Hey AnnMarie bad news things are going TERRIBLE I can’t write anymore of my book The Bipolar fatigue has come back and my body feels beat up and I need to rest again. I have the creative ideas but no energy. It’s a cruel tease I think God wants me to take care of myself or this is kharma for any past mistakes i made. To be less dramatic about it. This will pass and I will write the book again in the future but its an emotional wound because my passion for writing is so strong. My outreach program people came and did 2 hrs of paperwork. One of the young girls was very pretty and understanding of my situation. The older one was also nice and approved of my small goals for the year. They both understood it was a rough year for me and I need time for rest and healing and I also need all the support I can get with people coming twice a week that will be a lot more support.That’s the latest news.


    • hey, Dan
      you know through this all, I can read through your words you are still fighting the good fight
      I’m so sorry you have to deal with all this crap
      you hand in there young man!
      sometimes life sucker punches us, and there are only two choices – get knocked out or get up
      and you my friend
      choose to get up again and again
      you are so much stronger than you’re feeling right now
      hang in there

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  13. AnnMarie I went back to the hospital I was very sick but managed with my mania to write all writings to the female mental health specalists they loved it and someone who remained nameless bought me a 50 dollar nice leather notebook and a 100 dollar pen to use. I think it was the food server Ernest i love him i wrote a book for his daughter and wrote about her on pieces of paper. I made good friends that hugged me and walked me to the door. I feel great. Ernest always brings love and laughter and good vibes to the time he serves us breakfast i talk to him a lot. He writes too he shared a piece of writing that was more talented then me but it was fun to make the people that helped me happy, ttys

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    • hi there, dan
      i’m so sorry to be reading this just now – i’ve been offline quite awhile – spending much time with my mom in the nursing home
      i do hope now you’re well – look at you surrounded my amazing and generous people just like yourself – you bring out the good in folks near and far – i do hope you’re still writing and feeling well, but most importantly – i hope you’re happy 😊

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      • Well AnnMarie nothing makes me feel more happy when I talk to the beautiful AnnMarie. The artist more beautifuler then ten million supermodels. Now to business I got the jump on this episode early so it was more just a med adjustment i wrote personal stories about my mental health specialists and nurses I guessed they liked them because i got an expensive pen and notebook out of deal they wanted to keep it secret. If I was to guess it was Mechanize she said it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her i made her read outline ans she said she wanted to cry. So I am doing well and finished a horror book in 12 days. I am back to myself. I am happy hope your mom is okay i know she will when she has the greatest daughter ever!


      • glad you’re doing so well, dan
        and your amazing and boundless creativity is appreciated! to share your work and to write as you do – selflessly – is truly a gift!


  14. AnnMarie my birthday is Thursday all I could wish for is AnnMarie ha guest of honor at my party. I plan on watching horror movies all day. Well I know you are too busy at work and fam. Just if I had a wish I would want the beautifulest of beautifulest of women!


    • dan, my friend

      i wish you a beautiful birthday on thursday!🎈
      it’s wonderful you’re are creating and working on maintaining happy 🎉

      i’ve been stepping back on social media in general – we all need a little breathing room lately😁sorry, if I’ve missed twitter comments, my apologies

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
      stay safe, my friend
      you are an amazing person!

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  15. Update Kaley was doing well for two days then needed a little pain medication. My sister is paying all the vet bills if it gets to the point where we have to put her down ill be crushed but alice told me tiki at 19 had trouble with bowls pooing everywhere and that had to be painful and when he fell off the radiator she had to be merciful i still believe kaley can live 6 more years. alice shoots you straight if kaley is in a great deal of pain and gets worse real bad alice will call her to be put down. my birthday is this month ive enjoyed my apartment i manage my money well. i got a lot of people coming to visit me. ive not been writing a lot been busy doing dishes and doing my meds and insulin i take insulin 4 times a day. my birthday is at the end of the month im going to celebrate in style no gluten free cake they go for 70 maybe cinamon buns and cupcakes. ill keep you updated on kaley.


    • Hi there, Dan

      I’m very sad to read about your beloved cat. Kaley is well loved and I know you and your sis are doing your utmost best for her. She is a lucky animal to have such a beautiful life – and that’s what you focus on – her beautiful life she’s had and if and whenever it is her time – she will have had many precious years.

      You are a champion of your diabetes – you know what you must do – we all slip with things we shouldn’t – and we rebound – as you always do with your positive attitude and spirit.

      WOW! Your birthday month – enjoy, my friend – celebrate another year (though this particular year was eh…) you made it through and you’re onto the next!!! Have your cake and enjoy!!!

      And I must apologize yet again and please count this going forward – cause it will be the same – like you – i’m in the process of moving -not quite yet – but we’ve been madly trying to get this house in order – repainted, spackled, gussied-up, for bringing to market. And then, hoping it sells, we then must scramble to find another home in this crazy realty market! I do look forward to and welcome the change.

      I’m so happy to read you’ve been enjoying your new place, you’ve been walking too, friends have been visiting, and you have a fab sister by your side!!!. Don’t worry about not writing, you’ll return when you’re ready. I’ve not been doing too much myself either, due to everything else going on ‘write’ now 😁

      Be well, stay safe – and happy early birthday!!!!!!

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