21 thoughts on “Creatures

  1. Well, now that I’ve been thoroughly traumatized for life… : )

    Wonderful stuff, AnnMarie. Your imagination is a wonder to behold– literally!! Good luck with future projects, and Merry Christmas! : )


    • Hi there Mark,
      Sorry for the delayed response, I took a few days to celebrate and eat too much food with my crazy Italian family 🙂 I humbly appreciate your words of encouragement. I thank you so very much for taking the time to peruse my work.
      I took a bit of a detour with an eleven-year career, then raising kiddies…and put my personal work aside – perhaps longer than I should have. My dream is to get published in someway (I’m clicking my sparkly red shoes right now) and I’m hoping to do something in the coming year… (shucks, just opened my eyes and I’m still here 😉 )
      I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well and peace in the New Year. I can’t believe it’s going on 2015. I want to write 1978 in pencil on my school paper – darn it!
      AnnMarie 🙂

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  2. Oh, that’s good! Enjoy the joe! I’ve been up since 4:25 — animals futzing, which woke Millie, who had to be taken outside to potty, which meant everyone thought it was feeding time, which meant … I couldn’t get back to sleep. Oh, well. It’s snowing here a bit, pretty.


  3. Dear AnnMarie, I loved your Creatures drawings, Sword Wasp in particular stood out and actually made me chuckle. The rest of your gallery was IMHO in turn imaginatiative, inspiring and suprising – a bit scary! Dr Moreau eat your Heart Out!


  4. Wow I love it those drawings and paintings are awesome. In the serious scary stories I write I imagine and create the monsters. The monster in ‘Joie Of Spy Pond’ was very scary very large dragon with bear claws for hands.


      • That sounds great three of my greatest and most fun stories were zombie stories ‘Dawnie of The Dead'(very clever), Night Of The Living Rita B and Night Of The Living Bano. I want to do a Dawnie Of The Dead 2. Cool insects sound good I watched a horror movie with Jennifer Connelly when she was younger horror movie where she has a telekinesis power to communicate with insects and use them to help protect her from bad guys.

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      • Yea they are funny ‘Julie Holland Must Destroyed’ was awesome inspired by Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed title it is more closer to ‘Horror of Dracula’ my dream to play a character similar to Peter Cushing in the Van Helsing character. I try to stick to lighthearted horror but it’s fun to do some serious ones with a lot of action. Julie’s real life sister appears in the story Karen so it made the story so cool. All three of us went to the same elementary school. I do come with some funny titles. I’ll never run out of Rita B titles.

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      • I really don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas. I just got a gift and ability to make up stories off the top of my head. I am glad I haven’t wasted that gift and continued to use it to the max.

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