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About My Art and Writing
The driving force behind this blog is to keep my artwork and writing ideas together in one place. Most of the art found here has been shown in posts along the way. So this is a place I’ll be continually updating with new art and prose. I draw my wildlife images from reference (I don’t own lions, tigers and bears). I like drawing things that go bump in the night. Many of the monsters are of my own creation, others were inspired by tales both ‘real’ and imagined such as Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil and the Mothman. I hope to incorporate some of these monsters for book ideas I have brewing. My paintings/portraits are a mix of personal and interpretive work. And finally I’ve included graphic artwork. I’ve begun creating more whimsical characters – some think my whimsy is frightening – I think it’s humorous and maybe a little scary. I’ve always enjoyed inventing interesting/fun/bizarre phrases and marrying them with interesting graphics. I’ve also done/do commissions. My mural days are over as I was once traumatized when I spilled paint on someone’s expensive carpet. The interior image above is my studio-where I do my best thinking and coffee drinking and occasional wine sipping…



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