Published Writing

dogeared inspiration
Foxglove Journal

dark magic
Foxglove Journal

Uneven Candles
Red Fez Magazine

and the crows fall

Raven Hall Pool
Firefly Magazine, Issue 11

Butterfly Lenses
The Paragon Journal, Issue 09, August 2017

Leftover Sensations
Free lit Magazine

Bessie’s Echo
Miracles Magazine, September/October 2017 print edition
(link to Miracles Magazine is for “free” print issue)

The Dipping Bread
The Chicago Literati

the buck moon
Into the Void Magazine, Issue 6

after image
NowthenMagazine, October Issue, Word Life Section

turquoise eyes
The Avocet, 2017 Fall Journal, print edition

fake smells
The Avocet, 2017 Fall Journal, print edition

two headless trio (painting)
The A3 Review, will appear in Issue 8, April 2018

eyes of magma
Her Story Blog (in queue)

Her Story Blog (in queue)

I will die at the right time
Her Story Blog (in queue)

Apathetic Wrinkling
Man in the Streets Magazine (January 2018)


4 thoughts on “Published Writing

  1. HEY!
    I count 15 publications here.
    What was our bet–5?
    Hmm, who knows what the hell she’s talking about … at least when it comes to knowing talent when she sees it? Moi. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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