7 thoughts on “House of Two Years

  1. One of the very best things you’ve written, A-M. Beautiful. Wonderful. Didn’t know your dad was an FBI agent. I never get tired of seeing photos of your mom with her mega-watt smile. Sold your house yet? Hope it all works out for you. Keep smiling yourself, and keep writing!! 😊

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    • Hi there, Mark –
      I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your bounty of lovely words here. Yes, my dad was an old-school agent – mafia cases and all that ‘sleepin’ with the fishes’ type stuff. One of my brothers followed our father’s gov footsteps and became an agent too. He continues on to this day.
      Since my mom’s passing in Jan of this year, I’ve finally reached the point where I don’t tear up most times when I think of her and her beatific smile.
      And yes, we sold our home and as I write this, I’m thinking of everything I need to pack today. We relocate next week! My writing has taken a seat in a moving box somewhere – and I anxiously await its unpacking.
      If I could summarize my dad and mom with a word each – my dad’s word would be grit, my mom’s would be joy –
      so my longtime blog friend, it is with earnest grit and utmost joy, I go forward each day feeling blessed I’ve had these remarkable people in my life, and I have audacity to try emulating them every day of my life❤️
      I do hope you and your loved ones are well
      and that your mega-talent shines on!

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